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My Cousins' Protector

Sunday, December 18 2016

Mr. Fickers, some other students, and I walk down a street.  Mr. Fickers asks me where I work, and I tell him for my uncle.  He asks me how it’s been going, and I try to explain the situation to him.  I can tell he loses interest halfway through. We reach a part of the sidewalk that is lined by a cliffwall on the left, and a rail on the other.  The rail protects people from falling fifteen feet down to the street below.  When I look down at the street, I reali

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The Chalk Games

Monday, December 5 2016

          I’m in a large, open living room with Mom, Granny, and my aunt.  I feel like I’m small compared to everything, like I’m a little girl again.  The others sit at a table in the corner next to a large window.  I sit on the floor in the middle of the room.   I look outside through the bright window and see a bright but cloud-littered sky.  The clouds look kind of funny, so I focus on them to f


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