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Save the Cat, End the World

Sunday, September 18 2016

        The bell signals that math class is over.  I exit the classroom but forget which class I’m supposed to go to now.  I walk down the halls and stairs, hoping my memory will jog as I walk. Instead, I spot Travis talking to some guys down the full freshman hall, and decide to avoid him.  I take a left down headache hall and circle around through the commons.  When I get to the staircase, I see that I’m once again cut off by

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Contraband-Retrieiving Tentacle Windows

Thursday, September 1 2016

I’m chasing someone down a city block in a Men-In-Black-style chase.  The person I’m pursuing has a dangerous gun that will be globally catastrophic in the wrong hands.  Just before I catch up to him, he rounds a corner.   I barrel around the corner, but come to an abrupt halt.  The fugitive unluckily ran right past one of the offices belonging to my department.  These buildings have windows equip with metal tentacles that snatch anything illegal if it p


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