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All For A Coin

Monday, October 10 2016

     [WARNING: Graphic dog death] I have to flee with my friend Lily because some bad people that are after me have found my location.  Once we’re fairly sure they have gone, we return.  We have to retrieve something that we were forced to leave behind- something important. We’re nervous about what we’re returning to.  I’m scared for my family- though I know I told them to flee as well.  They shouldn’t have been here

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Sewer Fight

Thursday, September 15 2016

   I’m in an underground sewer system, or some kind of dungeon- or maybe both.  Mom is with me.  She has some kind of dish in her hands, which she is greedily eating out of.  I ask her what it is, and she shows me it’s a pan of mint layered brownies.  She continued to take the cakes by the handful and shove them in her mouth.  I ask her if I can smell the brownies, and I lean close to smell the chocolate mint scent.  I don’t want t


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