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Ritual Candles

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, June 26 2013 Views: 182

I am sitting at a desk inside a classroom. I am sitting all the way to the left on the end of the middle row of three rows, and I can see the open door slightly behind me and to my left on the left wall. In fact, the door seems to be directly in line with the back row of desks. The classrooms walls are all white, and the room is lit with a mysterious soft and bright yellow light. I am holding an ink pen in my right hand, and I am diligently writing / working on some papers. I see myself look up at the blackboard several times and quickly go back to my work. I remember think the word “math” at one point, so maybe I was calculating numbers or checking my calculations? As I was working, I became aware of a male presence behind me. It was Christopher, and although he wasn’t bothering me, I straightened and became very alert and worked faster. I do not know if I finished my work or simply decided to resume it later, but I got up, collected my papers and walked out the door. I then found myself in a hallway with red carpet and white walls brightly lit with the same soft yellow light. I found my way down the hall to a new-age store, where I walked around for awhile. The store had red carpet and white walls like the classroom and hallway, but it was lit was with dark purple light. I remember speaking to two men and a woman. I asked them to put four ritual candles with some sage and charcoal up at the front desk: a red candle, a white candle, a purple candle and a violet candle. I remember being told to use these candles in a ritual, and I remember the woman telling me to be sure to say in the ritual “he is not allowed to affect me directly or through another person”. I walked around some more, but I just seemed to be killing time. I walked over to the check out counter, where one of the men rang up my purchase. I double checked the contact of my purpchase and asked him if I had asked for the violet candle. He said yes and showed the violet candle to me. As I left the new-age store and continued walking down the hallway, I knew the man from the classroom was following me, so I walked faster. I came to a doorway, and I quickly opened the door and stepped through. As I slamed and locked the door, I heard the man being intercepted by the people from the shop. I also saw the face of my Aunt Patt in the window of the door and received the word China. My aunt gave me her obnoxious smile and laugh, but I could tell she was happy to see I was on the other side of the door. For once, I was glad for her obnoxious personality and knew she had helped intercept the man. I made eye contct with her and continued walking without a second look back.