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Meeting Two Other Dreamers In A Dream

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Friday, January 20 2012 Views: 615

January 20, 2012 7:46 am PST Waking Up Dream

Notes posted 10:03 am Same day.

This dream makes me very happy. I woke up from trying to find a clean yellow pad to write it on, but I was still in the dream and I kept suspecting I was still dreaming and has not woke up, as I kept on looking for the yellow pad to write on. This ending part of the dream went on and on in excruciating detail as I tried to find the pad and also prove I really was awake, before starting the notes. Finally, my spouse called me to get up and ended the dream.

The notes I am making now will only hit the high spots from the dream, but at least they ARE notes I can keep.

Everything about this dream was as believable as real life. I went to a meeting in a big city. It went well and I left to return to my home. It was evening, with city lights and parking lots with lots of empty spaces, yet I was having difficulty to locate where I had parked and find my vehicle. As I looked around the block, I finally stopped–behind a tall ornamental bush, with my back against the corner of a building and my feet in the planter area behind a cement curb.

It occurs to me that people do dream-checks to see if they are dreaming. I look down and see that I am barefooted. So this really is a dream. I look over to the street area and see two people, a woman and a man. We talk, and we find that the three of us are all dreaming. We move together a little ways and stop to talk some more. I look at them closely, concentrating on who they are and wanting to call them by name.

This is the same as real life also, I am terrible at remembering the names of people who I meet from time to time. I suddenly notice that the man has turned into a gray horse, but small, like a big dog. Like a big dog, he is rolled over with a happy openmouthed expression. I find that I have absentmindedly begun to scratch his middle, below the rib cage, the same as I would do with a dog. Totally distracted from remembering their names, I have to laugh at this turn of events. This is a dream I am having with two other dreamers. I am so happy to see it really is a dream.

I must go home and write this all down. We part and I finally locate my vehicle. I reach home, but it is the home I grew up in, where my brother and sister live now. I park, and go to get out of the car. It is dark, and cold and wet out. This is very real. The ground is icy and wet. I notice my feet are still bare. I am still in the dream.

I test the cold wet ground with my bare feet. It is wet and cold, so I rise up in the air a bit and dream-fly into the house. I am in the part of the house where my sister stays. I go upstairs to the bedroom we shared together. It is shadowy, and lighted with table lamps. One wall is filled with dusty shelves full of ring-binders from edge to edge. There are large work tables, but no beds. I notice I still have three pens and/or pencils clutched in my right hand. I search the tables for yellow note pads.

There is much more of the searching around for something to write on, but not wanting to write it, if I am still dreaming. It is all full of details as clear as real life, but not the same at all. It goes on and on until my spouse wake me up for the day.

What a wonderful dream. Will I ever know who those other two dreamers were in this dream I wonder?? Only time will tell.

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