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Break the Control

Saturday, April 28 2012 Views: 672

I was in some sort of city. It was nearly empty. these people would gather many people over to this one area near some stores. I saw it happen the first time; they had something like glass oxygen tanks placed upon their backs. After some as-of-yet unrevealed method, they would be turned into mindless robots, that would be ordered to walked around as if they were commuting to a job.

I tried calling out to the people, but they were robotic, in their own litlle world.

later, I am one of the ones who are 'caught' I am made to wear a set of the glass tanks on my back. they don't connect into me at all; I have to wear them with straps like a bookbag. The people, after the process is finished, is sent out to walk like the other before them. We walk in two row, straight lines.

I am aware, but affected in the same manner as many of the previous others. the effect is that I am aware enough to walk, see people and the surrounds around me and be able to avoid stumbling, falling, or walking into people or objects. My higher awareness is gone, however. I have no thought but to walk and have no thoughts of escaping. No one is talking.

Someone not apart of the group gets in our way and herds the whole lines around into this massive tent area. Military people and a bunch of others are in the tent. Our way is barred from leaving, and everyone starts shouting really loud, jumping up and down. I only take this in, still mentally asleep.

"Break the process!" many of the unaffected people were yelling, "Break the cycle!"

I came to finally, my full mind returning. It was not quickly, but more alike the affect of waking up from a deep sleep. Some other people looked like they were recovering as well.  






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