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Sunday, April 1 2007 Views: 500

I was at school. It felt-like high school but I saw my college classmates there. Apparently, we were going on a trip somewhere. My teacher says we should take care of our stuff. We were going to do something different though. Our teacher tells us to put all our stuff in the tables. I put my watch and wallet and some drawings in the table and the others do the same. We were going to give our stuff to another person while we get the stuff from other people. My teacher would get one object and ask who it belongs to and the give it to someone else. *snip* I remember seeing that I still have my other watch on. (I have 2 watches in the dream.) This watch is the watch I wear IRL (it's a analog/digital watch with a black resin band) and the watch I put in the table isn't mine IRL (it's a silver analog watch with a metal band and a striking blue face). I decide to put the watch along with my other stuff. Also, one of my classmate looks at the silver watch and laughs at what it says in the face. It says there 'Ultimate watch'. My teacher finally reaches my watches and drawings. (The drawings, on a sidenote, look really good. I even said in the dream that I couldn't believe I drew them. ) I say that those stuff belongs to me. He asks the class who wants my stuff but no one says anything. It seemed that no one wanted anything of mine. My teacher finally concedes and return everything to me. I take the 2 watches and wear them both on each arm.

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(There is actually another dream super-imposed on this one but I can't be bothered to remember it. It was like I dreamed this other dream while in the classroom... or maybe not. )

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