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Thursday, November 23 2006 Views: 420

(I'm dreaming of Prison Break again. There was more to this dream than what I can remember so I don't know if I should post this as a fragment or not.) This time, its more like I'm watching an episode of the show. The protagonist and his brother (Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows) were looking for something. I remember that what they're looking for was inside a safe. They couldn't open it. Then Michael wanted to go get something. Somehow, Lincoln then gets the idea to smash through the safe with his bare hands after seeing something Michael does. It works. Michael takes a look at the safe and he knew that it can only be a fake since it was so easily smashed. They turn their attention then to this other safe on the wall. It actualyy doesn't look like a safe at all... only an outline of one. Michael figures that that's the real safe and focuses on getting it open. I forgot what they did exactly, but it had something to do with figuring out how to work the electronic combination. *snip* This is a new dream altogether, actually. I was in a restaurant waiting for Olesia. It turns out that she's just across me on another table. She's with 2 girls, I think, who I don't know. They were telling Olesia that she shouldn't meet up with me. They tell her I'm a homewrecker or something. =| After hearing that, I don't think I wanted to meet with Olesia anymore.

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Prison break again. =\ I haven't even watched it in a while... why is it still in my head? Oh... I also think that I dreamed of Olesia too around this dream, I just don't recall anymore though. The last part kind of offended me.

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