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Lost Lottery Ticket

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, January 5 2011 Views: 677

I dreamed that I woke up and decided to check my lottery numbers on the computer. I turned the light on but it wouldn't shine very bright so the computer was the only thing lighting up the room. I found the numbers online and they matched the numbers on my ticket. I tried yelling to wake up my dad but couldn't yell. I woke up my dad eventually and he wanted to check the numbers. I couldn't find the numbers again online. I heard someone walking up the stairs. It was the middle of the night still and two people were coming up the stairs. It was my uncle with my mom following behind him with a flashlight. I was surprised because they don't get along. My uncle asked if we checked our numbers because he heard that someone from town won. I told him that we won. The next thing I remember is being outside at the sliding door with a truck backed up to it. I still had the lottery ticket. I noticed it had rips in it from where the cats chewed it. I was getting rather stressed at someone and handed them the ticket. They dropped it and the wind picked up. My other uncle was there trying to stomp the lottery ticket so we could pick it back up. I asked myself is this real? We chased the ticket into the driveway and the wind picked it up over the barn. I think to myself we're never going to get it now.

I woke up, checked my losing ticket and went back to sleep.

I dreamed of being in a bedroom doing jigsaw puzzles on the floor. Another person was with me and puzzle pieces were everywhere. They were putting the puzzle away and I asked if we were going to complete it. Later I was across the street talking to someone about selling half dollars for more than they were worth. I told them I had a bunch saved up and went into my art room in the big barn on our side of the street. I was looking through my mess trying to find half dollars and was separating them into piles by two types. I kept getting quarters and miscellaneous junk mixed in them. I wasn't finding very many and the person turned out to be evil. I remember seeing two kids a boy and girl. The girl had a heart transplant, my heart, and part of her is bleeding but I don't remember what was bleeding. Two creepy kids. Don't remember it very well, other than there is another person in a bed who also had a heart transplant and then me and I'm not sure if I'm dead or alive.

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