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Freestyling in Greece

Monday, September 26 2011 Views: 257

I'm on some sort of road trip riding in a car with Del the Funky Homosapien (favorite rapper) and other rappers I didn't know. I percieved the two guys behind me to be whack, and hostile. Del was driving and I was riding shotgun, and the two guys behind us were bustin' freestyles. I'm just listening and waiting for my turn, but I went last after Del. It's dark outside and I percieve us to be in a black escalade type vehicle. We're on the freeway and almost battling these two dudes in the backseat.


(I don't recall anything said by the other MC's or myself in the car freestyles.) When it was my turn, I went for like 10 minutes straight and continued even when we reached our destination. I just sort of never stopped ... it was like the dream changed course ....


It's suddenly daytime when I'm getting out of the car, wearing a backpack filled with clothes. I never looked in the backpack, I just knew. I'm walking through a valley with Del and the other rappers, but suddenly I'm accompanied by a lot of my friends from High School. All along the tops of the valley, there were cut outs in the land where people were standing. I percieved us to be in Greece because of the archetecture and the beautiful surroundings. The walls of the valley were covered in natural looking moss, and lined with people that were just watching us. They were friendly people that were excited to see us, almost studying us.


As I'm walking, I have my obnoxious headphones on my head and I'm not talking to anyone... Instead, I'm still freestyling. I was rapping loud, and I was saying whatever the fuck I wanted despite everyones obviously annoyed facial expressions. There was a police officer in front of me trying to talk but I said something like, "I won't even listen to this cop, I didn't do anything wrong so I don't need to stop." Eventully someone took my headphones off by force, and I just discontinued my freestyling. I sort of wanted to stop anyway ...


After all that walking, we reach this giant temple where we're all just sitting and talking. I'm sitting next to this girl I know, Rosie, and I'm telling her that I have lots of friends here, but that I don't feel like I can really talk to any of them. I pointed to Jeremy and said, "he's busy". Then I pointed at Matt and said "he's alright, but he's on his own shit." I pointed at someone I didn't even know that was on the other side of Rosie and said, "see even my best friend is distracted" but I realized Rosie wasn't even listening. I sat in the temple slightly irritated but comfortable.



I put my headphones back on

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This dream was fun. I got to freestyle with my favorite rapper!

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