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Christmas in June?

Monday, June 4 2007 Views: 6980

scene 1) some weird dreams about the neighborhood and Christmas. I am with Kris and we were going to the neighbor's and I think we're actually in . - some costume for christmas. ? First we were going across the street where mike lives but in dream it felt like the past. Some past neighbor's were there. We could see some x-mass things. Through the windows. I thought it was a bit much. - We gave them. - some gifts? and we were looking at the - ornaments and odd do- dads. yes they were odd Like stuff you would find in a museum. or like santa's village. We did say How wonderful they looked. - Then we go over to the next door and they are the NOW neighbor's Gravlin's. They had more x-mass stuff , than the other's. Since they have small kids. They even had moving statue's . I went in to talk to Ben. He's younger and I had to ask him about the stuff they had inside. I could see - Ellen , inside the bedrooms and there was some bookcases seperating some walls. Near the christmas displays I could see her on the bed. She is reading. and also in some costume. I thought "what a fun place to be ' - seeing the displays are big- and they have some moving things around the christmas trees. I went in to talk to Them and see the neat displays. Laurie G is talking to KRis i think - about some other project? I just felt that it was strange about the christmas displays in both houses. Recall having to leave with Kris and still seeing the christmas stuff from the window. Was a lot of em. I recall too talking to the kids a lot. Esp Ben . end

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