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She can't be serious- love this guy??

Sunday, December 7 2008 Views: 8480

dream- I am at home, and I think doing something in my room, we had just had a family gathering I think, and everyone was about gone- except laurie- and I am seeing some images, of Rachel and she is with her friends, that tell her that Jason' H- loves her. She is so happy and i see her in a long dress [not like her style]- well she is so very happy and had to come back over to tell us that Jason H- loves her and they are going to be lovers. I couldn't believe it! Jason H ?? well she does bring him over of course and we are at the dining room table he is telling us about school and he is oddly in a black-suit- formal I guess they're going out- with some friends. He stays and they talk to me in my room too , Rachel is all over him. I am like - ew. - She has her cell phone and I think they had to meet the  others- . I also know there was a part where she isn't with him, and she sees his Message on her phone and was so giddy in messaging him back "Yes sure we can meet" - and she is hugging me and I say "Have a good time" not really thinking she should be with him- and even mom and Laurie are in disbelief. I am talking to them too and watching Rachel with this guy. He is polite but I think he has something up his sleeve. - She is still wearing that dress that goes down to her feet and its a flowery dress. The type she doesn't wear.  I think Idiot is in dream too and he is trying to stop them from going out, but they go anyway.Its so bizarre END.

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