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Thursday, August 25 2011 Views: 796

I was at a Hindu event, it was a religious event. People were there lining up, and everyone was receiving a clear plastic bag that contained clothing or a robe and it was white. I was in the line, and my turn to get the bag with the clothing inside was coming up. Then I saw this woman who was in high school with me and was my friend, sitting with a much older woman who apparently was her mother. They both looked at me, their faces blank, their expressions somewhere between questioning and waiting for something. I was distracted by them and asked them if they were alright, but they wouldn't speak. By the time I turned around I had lost my turn and they had ran out of bags to give out. I became very worried and sad that I wouldn't be able to get in and would miss the event. I looked at a door to my left were a woman was standing, looking in my direction. She was dressed in red and it seemed like she was showing me her red clothes, as if telling me that red was what I should wear or something along those lines. 

Additional Comments:

Three months after I had this dream, my high school friend who appeared in this dream died.

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