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The Kidnapping

Monday, December 24 2007 Views: 1388

There was a magic/melee fight between Harry Potter and Barty Crouch Junior. I saw it first hand and right in the middle of the smach-down, this car drives up. Some armoured people get out and kidnapp Harry AND Barty! They drive off just as quickly. I find a tiny gold chain Harry dropped. It was a clue he left. Later, I am on Fairgrounds road, near to the Fairgrounds, on foot. I take the little chain I found previously out of my pcoket to get a better look at it. It is only about five little golden links. On the end of it is latched the mechanicel end one of those little lightsabre glow spoons, minus the plastic spoon part. The part that was used as the "Keychain" was only the lightable end and the button that activated the light. But for some reason, when I pressed the button, it still worked! I stopped playing with it and put it back in my pocket, and decided to go back home and decide what i was going to do. I srat doing that jogging like the players do in World of Warcraft. I come up sort of past the Old Guy's place. His car is there, but his ratty small house was repianted to a fresh blue color and around the door frame and window frames was painted bright white and the place looked good. i ran on, passing Mary Abell's old place. I am coming up to the sharp curve and this tan colored car squeals into the narrow dirt road that leads into a farm. It is just staying there, so I just jog slower and more cautiously around the sharp curve, keeping my eyes on the car the whole time. Even more later, I find myself jogging slowly past the Pine Farm that is a little ways past Xmas tree trailer park. This time round, there was a small group of girls with me, each looking about 17 or so. I got very tired and hungry at this point. One of the girls stopped us on the isde of the road to show the rest of us something. There was a bunch of *Somethings* they were plants, a bunch of them that looked like 7 feet heigh vorn plants, but with no corn. There were white pod-like flowers growing down from various points of the plants. I learned that the "White Flowers" could be either picked or cut from the plants and eaten. i tried one, it felt like eating a mouthful of rose petals! The girl told us that the plant was named "Carolsel" Like the carnivale ride.

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