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Hummingbird lands on my flute

Thursday, July 28 2011 Views: 718

I was at some kind of festival on the commune where I grew up. I had my flute. There was a flute vendor with a bunch of flutes hanging on a wall. I played my flute in front of them and was making all the flutes play. It was super amazing that all the other flutes were playing -like from the air coming out of my flute. Then a hummingbird, brightly colored like a parrot, landed on my flute. It hung out for a little while then flew away. But then a baby hummingbird came and nestled into my hair over my left shoulder...it felt super cute and funny/tickley in my hair near my neck. I went and showed it to an older lady sitting nearby.

Then I went walking still playing my flute still with the baby hummingbird in my hair. But now my flute was a big ocarina that didn't play very well. Then I saw my mother. I was shocked to see her and felt sick and scoffed that she would try to talk to me and continued walking. She told some girl, who I assumed was my brothers current girlfriend, "that is my daughter". And I called out "No, I am not. That is not my mother! She wanted me to be raped!"

Then I went into the school to the last room where there was a guy who was living in an attached room and serving food. I looked at the paper menu. The humming bird was still in my hair...

Before this dream I had a long dream I can't quite recall...I was on some kind of adventure with some people...we came to a wall with candles set up. We weren't suppose to look over the wall but I climed up and looked over...there were more candles set up like a big alter in the woods..I had to be careful not to let an unknown something(s) see me looking over the wall...it was weird!

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