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Return to Africa

Monday, January 9 2006 Views: 203

I find myself in the middle of the woods, a beautifull scenery surrounds me. The mountains in the distance are being reflected on the large, dark blue lake in front of me. I lie down in the sand, in utter amazement and feeling very blissfull. After some time, I start to wonder where I am and how I got there. I look around but there is nobody else there, it's all untouched nature as far as the eye can see.  But as I'm thinking this, a big Belgium bus suddenly arrives out of nowhere, it stops in front of me and the doors open. I hear a voice calling me in from the back of the bus. As I get in I see Kurt on the bench (back row) with two woman surrounding him, one in each arm. He asks me what I'm doing here, "I can ask you the same question", I respond. "Never mind that, we have to get to work, are you coming?" he answers back. I agree and take a seat in the row before him.

The bus takes off and we arrive on the parking of a very large building (I never travel in my dreams to reach a destination, if a destination needs to be reached it's always through instant teleportation, so the bus also teleported right to the parking).

I see the building and it suddenly occurs to me I'm back in South-Africa and I'm standing in front of the IBM building*. Since I'm there now, I really need to make sure to speak with Adriaan, as I still have some things to tell him. The next few moments are a bit hazy...

I tried to call Adriaan so he would come outside for a talk (and a surprise...I'm back!) but I'm not sure what happened here; Either I never got a hold of him; Or he came outside and  we talked, but he was angry with me and went back in. Whatever happened, after it was over there were alot of people gathered outside the building, there was alot of commotion about something... Everybody was looking up at the building, I wanted to ask someone what was going on, but as the man tried to respond, a car arrived and a woman exited the car.. When the man saw her he backed away and told me: "Now you're fucked".

The woman approached me and started yelling at me for not working, I tried to explain to her I don't actually work here anymore, but she didn't believe me. Instead, she got turned on by this and told me to come with her. So I entered her car and we teleported to a/her room. Upon arrival we were playing pool while she was further explaining things to me, becoming more turned on every minute. Before long, we were having sex on the pool table.

The end.

Additional Comments:

*The real life IBM building doesn't resemble the one I saw in my dream, but for some reason I did recognize it as such.

Kurt is a co-worker of mine, but at my new job back in Belgium. (I worked in South-Africa a year prior to that) I didn't know who the two woman were.

I easily recognized the bus, because of it's obvious colors and the words: De Lijn (the name of the company)


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