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[can't remember the beginning]

i am in some woods

there are a lot of people (high school aged) around

there is a girl (almost like from movie Carrie)

the other people seem to be pointing at her, some laughing, some afraid

the girl looks at some one intensely and the person bursts into flames

some people stand there in fear, others start running but she sets them on fire with her eyes; they are really scared now

i feel frightened but know i am not in danger at that point

she comes to our house (not our house IRL)and is staying with us

she may be a boy now, around 11ish, but still a firestarter

i know from research in my dad's books and study that this person is possessed by an ancient demon

my mom is trying to get me to eat but i just want to have cake for breakfast 

i tell her i will have to stay late at school

she says i don't have to; i never have to

i look at the demon and back at mom and she understands and says it's okay if i have to stay late

i say i have to study in the library

i am at a gym and i am trying to convince my brother to run on the same treadmill with me

i feel safer when he is with me

he says no that i will be fine on the treadmill alone

i think he doesn't like the music i am listening to, but i feel very frightened without him

i ask him if he will sleep in the same room with me that night like when we were kids because i am so afraid

i know that everyone else is in trouble but i know if we stick together we will make it okay

now i am in a class with some students, planning

it is twilight

i am supposed to lead them out of the stands and around the track to the field for the show

there is a young black boy that is going to be in front of the line of kids

somehow he runs out ahead of me; he is carrying a torch perhaps and a flag?

i know this means trouble for both of us but there is nothing to be done about it now

[lost the rest of this dream]

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