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Arrogant dumbass

Saturday, February 25 2012 Views: 208

This dream was fully about V.. I was in holland, but in some bigger house and I was looking through the window and saw him coming to my door. i thought it cant be, but it was V and of course I completely didnt know what to do, i was too excited but trying to be rational so after opening the door i absolutely ignored that he was just standing there, chewing gum and looking blunt. we went to bedroom and started kissing, but he wasn't much interested and didnt stop either so i knew something's weird is up, but i didn't care. then he stopped and said he has some business to do in holland and he needs a place to stay for couple of nights and i said its no problem. he started to talk about himself saying that he's travelling on some boat, yacht or whatever with his father, HIS baby and some people and he loved it and was all arrogant about it. i was curious as hell what was that baby and when he got it and everything about it, but didn't ask. he wasn't interested in me or talking to me, he only wanted a place to sleep chewing his gum etc. He left and after some time i phoned him if he's hungry cause we could go grab something, but he said no. I was nearly crying in my dream that's how disrespected and frustrated i felt. I had such negative vibrations from him I didnt know how to get out of this situation. So i phoned again and I asked him if he slept with many girls already hoping for the.. correct answer i guess, but all i heard was the chewing gum and a long pause with.. 'ee...yeah, why not?' afterwards. So i dropped the phone and wanted to choke someone, prefferably him, he seemed nothing like V anymore, but it was him. Then he said he filled his shoes with weed and police caught him and if i can maybe help him. I think I got all red from anger in my dream by then :) jeez, im all absolutely stil in shock for an hour after sleeping. i almost feel like it happened over the night.

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