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Strange Cafeteria

Monday, December 26 2011 Views: 165

I was at school, and we were about to go to lunch. I didnt bring my lunchbox, so I was eating at school today. Then some weird portal took us to some weird fire place. Everybody else thought it was fine, but I didnt. But it was a dream, so being in the dream i didnt pay much attention to it. I got some weird salad called " Mudkip salad ". Yeah, like the pokemon. What it was was fries with lettuce on top of it. Wtf. I then went to check it out, and then we ate it, and some girl said " where did you get that salad " and i saw that she only had a few fries. Before i could reply, she walked away. Then me and one of my best friends, Jude, ate our food. Then when we were done we went through some weird desert place near the " cafeteria " and there was a weird stand with snacks. One of them was a giant ice cream cone? My friend jude didnt have enough money to buy it, so he simply took it, and the guy didnt say anything. The funny thing is, Jude isnt the kind of person that would steal in real life, lol. Then we walked away, and Jude felt bad, so he threw away the giant ice cream cone in the trash. We then went back to our school, and the dream ended.

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The sky in it was a little bit redish, and everything was rusted.

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