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Lucid Intent
Tuesday, April 24 2012 Views: 153

I was hanging out with Esai and his wife. I knew he had a crush on me and he flirted ruthlessly. I wondered why his wife said nothing. I guess she didn't care if he flirted? Anyway, they were friends of mine and came to visit. They were laying in bed and I was in the same room talking to them. Esai said, I want Elvimar to wake me up and Shary to put me to sleep. I was like WHAT?? I did not say it but thought it. I laughed then threw a pillow at him hitting him right in the face. He laughed and I left. Then the dream changed. It was much much later. Years later. I had two kids a boy and a girl. I wondered if Esai know he was the father? I brought him aside and told him but he only smiled and then I woke up. Another odd thing, in the beginning of the dream I remember looking out the window seeing someone change a light on one of those huge street lights. The guy changing the lights dropped something or almost dropped something. It was strange.

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