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Andrew Dream

Lucid Intent
Saturday, March 10 2007 Views: 892

I was walking in a hospital to go see my sister (who is dead). She was in a glass room and I went in to see her. We talked a bit and then I left. I was waiting at the elevator for a long time and then it finally came. I got on and then road all the way to the bottom floor. I got off and turned the corner to where the cafeteria is. I saw two circle tables out in the hallway. Andrew Dan-Jumbo was setting at one. I walk up to him and ask for his autograph. He says, "Sure!" and signs my notebook. I stand there talking to him as he wipes his mouth and throws his garbage away. He puts on his coat and starts to walk out of the hospital. I asked him if he wanted some company and he said yes. We walk and walk and walk. I notice that it is cold. Not very cold just a little cold and that it is getting dark. He says that he is staying at the BROWN hotel and I asked him why he is walking when he could take a cab or bus and it would be quicker. He doesn't answer. I woke up.

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