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Running in a circle

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, January 2 2013 Views: 165

I am going to include comments in the body of the dream this time.

The first thing I remember about this dream is jogging toward the starting point of a marathon. (I run 3 times a week in WPR. I've been considering registering in a half marathon this summer. Dec 31 was the deadline for early registration. I missed it because I have another project which may conflict, and it has to take priority.)

Somehow now I'm indoors, and I feel weighted down by the fact that I'm wearing a heavy waist pouch, and I'm carrying any empty water bottle -- actually a plastic container that looks like the container that my family frequently purchases grape juice in. I've also got a nearly-finished bottle of coke. (I almost never drink coke.) I decide that I'll put these bottles away someplace where I'll find them after the run. I figure that there will be water stations along the way.

I begin to run and I'm on an asphalt path. At some point someone tosses a timing chip onto my left shoe. I realize I haven't crossed the start line yet. Finally I see it. I think I'm outdoors again, and the line is a chalk line on the path. (It's not unusual for me to run on a similar path at home in WPR, and to see markings on it where there have been running events.)

Eventually I circle back, a little confused. I get some object with the initials of the marathon, and a red P appears for "participant." Participant? No time? Did I miss some checkpoints? The run seemed short. What happened?

I'm back in the room with my water and coke bottles. It occurs to me that I'm dreaming and I'm impressed at the clarity. I look at my hands, and they look so crisp, and -- I note -- normal. There's a mirror, and I'm looking pretty normal too, except maybe a little off around the eyes. I turn around. What was I going to do? Oh yeah. I was going to try praying. (I had discussed this with my wife before going to bed.)

For a moment, I dismiss the idea. Now that I'm in the dream, it's easy to get distracted. But I decide to go with original intention. I pray and then turn around. I'm at the foot of a staircase. At the top, I see a blurred figure of a child, possibly my son. I ponder for a moment whether I should close my eyes to continue praying, but I'm concerned about losing the dream. 

Already the dream is starting to fade. I become distressed to feel my left hand gripping some fingers. I am now aware of my body in bed. It's my fingers I'm gripping.

It's not over. I get the oobe head rush -- that loud buzz associcated with the disconnect. I feel myself propelled to the left. I begin to speak, but I don't remember now what I say here, beyond suggesting that I become vertical (rather than horizontal).

Suddenly I'm back in bed. RWPR.


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