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Stringy Sky

Monday, March 2 2015 Views: 52

I was on a train with about 10 cars.  The train cars were more like what you'd expect on a subway though.  It stopped at night and I had a lot of stuff with me.  It was supposed to get really cold overnight. There was a glass house outside about the size of a living room nearby.  There was a girl with me, don't know who she was. We went to the glass house for shelter.  In the morning we woke up and it was really cold, but I was encased in this human-sized shot glass looking thing so I was warmer than she was.  She was freezing so we went to get our stuff off the train, but all but 3 of the cars had disappeared overnight, including the one with our stuff.  We tried to hitchike from a guy with a big van.  It had a matress and sheets on top where he slept. Not sure how it doesn't blow away.  

Later I'm driving through a city, up a big hill.  The sky is extremely vibrant shades of red and orange and yellow, but extremely patchy, not blended together.  The weirdest part about the sky is that the clouds look super stringy. I'd have to draw a picture to show you. It's not natural.  It kind of looked like "starry night", except the clouds were reds and yellows and oranges.  The way it reflected off the skyscrapers was incredible.  I have my camera with me, and I HAVE to take a picture to show people, so I keep driving up the hill. I almost get in a car accident twice while driving up the hill because I was looking at the sky because I started off my car in second instead of first and tried to dart in front of a car. I pull in a parking lot but my view is blocked by an apartment building. I decide to climb it to get a better view.  By the time I get to the top, the sky is mostly just blue and dusk-like.  I start climbing back down and see a lot of computer parts strewn about the staircase.  Then I notice an acquantience moving into an apartment.  I start to help him move, but a storm is coming, and it's getting dark and getting very cold. Ominiously cold.  It starts raining, the wind picks up, then it starts snowing and thundering...but all of that at the same time.

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