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Shapeshifter, Shape-changer

Tuesday, March 22 2016 Views: 129

        Morning of March 22, 2016. Tuesday.

        This was a very long and astounding dream. The most interesting aspect is that I am not lucid at any point regardless of having so much control (although this is actually becoming more common). Although my dream is vivid, it is like other dreams where I seem to have more "magical" powers than even in some dreams of full lucidity (excluding apex lucidity, which is an entirely different state). I willingly, with not that much effort, transform into various creatures throughout. Among other changes, I temporarily become a reptilian humanoid, a small chimpanzee, the Grinch, a werewolf, one of Cinderella's stepsisters, and a swan. I am called both a shapeshifter and a shape-changer in a few different scenes and I use the term "shape-changer" at least once.

        My (deceased) sister Marilyn is in my dream, though she appears as she did in the 1980s. Still, she has a life-threatening illness. Various settings are rendered throughout my dream, some familiar (such as the Loomis Street house), some unknown.

        In one scene, I walk around in the (former Skogen's IGA) grocery store as a reptilian humanoid, though briefly also transform into the Grinch and back. As a "snake man" (reptilian humanoid), I slowly touch and clearly feel my face's unusual angularity and scales as I am walking. People do not seem that concerned with my "snake face" as I walk about in the store as well as outside, though mostly at night. I do not seem to be buying anything (other than when I get a can of Mountain Dew for my sister from the soda machine); just walking around to deliberately make people take notice of my ability to change into various beings.

        At one point, I decide to become a small chimpanzee (the scene seems to be late afternoon) and I play around, make loud chimpanzee sounds, and clap my hands while sitting on the ground as the (all unknown characters) general public gathers in a circle to watch me. At another point, I become a werewolf but I do not threaten anyone; I only look at them and make faces.

        My wife Zsuzsanna is with me during one segment and my sister Marilyn is also in the area. I become an adult male white swan and fly around, sometimes noticing my shadow on the ground below, which "flickers" (from flowing over the various ground textures) as I fly.

        In the final segment of my dream, I seem to become one of Cinderella's stepsisters, though actually resemble my wife Zsuzsanna's half-sister Crystal when I study myself in a mirror for what seems a considerable time. From here, I notice my skin has a strange texture, especially around my mouth and chin, and reason that it may be wearing out from all the shape-shifting I do, to where my changes may not be as accurate or stable in the future. I start to pull out darker rice-like objects from near my chin; at least three of them, though more seem to be appearing, somewhat sparsely.

        Meanwhile, there has been concern about my sister needing to take a special medication even though she may not live much longer. I do not like the idea of the doctor telling her she will be forced to take the pills if she does not agree to the treatment. The area all this takes place at is unknown and wholly unfamiliar.

        My dream fades, as I look in the mirror, not really liking my appearance as Cinderella's stepsister. I am annoyed by my apparently "overused" skin and seemingly losing my more refined skills as a shapeshifter, but perhaps it is my fault for turning into so many different characters in one day.

        What I find curious here is that a distortion of a well-known real-life location occurs in this dream in the exact same way as several past dreams (though there are also always additional unique distortions). Dreams have a tendency to often render otherwise familiar features in the wrong place, but the vending machine (for soda), as well as the coin-operated telephone, which are (were) outside at the front of Skogen's IGA (now Gordy's Market) in reality, are rendered as being near the traffic lights, at the northwest corner of George and Gillette Streets, but not always at the same time. For example, this dream has the soda vending machine near the corner for the longest time period but in its place is the pay telephone at another point - in the same way as what occurred in much older dreams.

        It may seem overzealous that I am so interested in how these distortions work but this situation implies that different dream self incarnations are somehow created with the same false memories, thus I am even more curious. As stated in other entries, it may be related to dream economics out of convenience of the dream self's location while utilizing lesser mental energies for shorter transitions. However, that does not seem to be entirely the case here, as I do spend time (and additional mental energy and effort) going into the actual store and out again on a fairly long walk around the neighborhood. Could it be related to the intersection feature, which possibly relates to the conscious mind connecting with the dream self (and mutually rendering the dream)? As such, this may also be the reason why this localized setting seems to hold the most vivid perception when being in it (that is, when the dream self and conscious self are mostly in perceptual "agreement").

        The mystery of a false memory that is rendered more than once may be linked to a subliminal virtuous circle based on conscious reflection, because it is doubtful that if the Source is responsible for this, that it would deliberately create false memories unless they are precognitive (though I do doubt a vending machine will ever be placed on that street corner in reality).

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