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Riding a water motorbike and driving through a desert in san

Sunday, April 10 2016 Views: 52

1st - I was taking part in some contest, and me and  my team mates had to go back to the start as quickly as possible. So one of them took a water motorbike and we drove through the long road through warehouses, canals, etc... At one point we trampolined and fell down. It felt exciting and intense.


2nd - I and *** were driving through an interesting looking desert, with sand everywhere. I thought "It would be better if I drove a SUV here". I was heading towards an abandoned copper mine, and there was sand fog everywhere, which may have been a sandstorm. There was a large claw of an excavator in a distance, and some minecarts with rails going into the mountain. I was really excited being here, so I climbed a sand dune and was trying to take pics.

I took some cool ones, but it was hard to see the mine equipment through the fog/storm. Then I clibmed further up and came across a B&B house. I entered it, and there was a toilet right in the lobby. At the opposite exit of the house, there was no more fog. I checked how much is the breakfast, it was 2 euro.


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