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Hole in the World

Lucid Intent
Sunday, December 15 1996 Views: 82

        Morning of December 15, 1996. Sunday.

        My dream firstly shifts about in different settings (of supposed different time periods) including a "Gunsmoke" scene. There is a large hole apparently deep in the earth which seems to allow various creatures and "undead" people (though not quite like typical movie zombies) from "another world" to emerge. These monsters burn people in an old west setting or "lost settlement" to attain warmth. I see a person on fire and am aware that only a couple people (perhaps only one) will be left in "this century".

        In one modern setting, perhaps a bit in the future, there are a number of unusual races where one has to run either backwards or sideways. An unknown Hispanic male has heart trouble as a result of these long ongoing races and must be carried away in a stretcher. He is able to tell the two people that are carrying him that the hole must be covered.

        More "undead" emerge from the hole, which is near the top of a mountain range. Some are from deeper in the Earth and as a result, are just walking skeletons, of which there are eventually more than any other character. Two western gunfighters and a sheriff have an argument about what to do about the hole at one point. (Apparently there are random times shifts as a result of the hole as well.)

        Creatures that take the form of cats appear in one scene when I seem to be at home (unknown house) and there is also a walking skeleton in the area. It seems to be evening. I am not really afraid at this particular point and I do not even question the surreal nature of my dream thus far.

        There is a scene where I am in a large unfamiliar library. There is a segment where I see people go up and fill the hole (or at least the entrance to the hole since it is apparently very deep) with rocks and dirt but it does not seem to keep the monstrosities from emerging.

        Eventually, there is a scene of a giant creature that is part animal but more so part caveman, and he is implied to be about as tall as (the original) Godzilla; about 50 meters.

        I run and "half-drive" a small car (that is, running alongside of it but still somehow driving it, mostly mentally, which does not really make any sense) to escape the area where the giant mostly walks. He moves through the city, stepping on everything. There is an illogical idea that being closer to the central area on the first floor of a building that collapses will prevent us from being harmed (at least as much) even if the building is stepped on.

        Eventually, I end up going into an underground tunnel. Some teenagers and younger children are reading comic books. Looking at one, I see that it seems to show earlier scenes from my dream, which I do not question the absurdity of. Instead, I get the idea to destroy all of the monstrous beings by destroying all the comic books. This seems to work just as the tunnel's ceiling is being crushed by the giant, yet none of us are harmed.

        Finally, when these "magical"(?) comic books are torn into smaller pieces, all of the creatures become smaller and soon vanish and everything goes back to normal, including the time shifts ceasing as I go "back" to my real time and location (that is, the waking transition).

        I would not call this a nightmare as there were no stronger emotions or "terror" (as well as there being a very subtle awareness I was dreaming - though not real lucidity or more conscious or direct control). The only truly "threatening" part concerned the giant, which represents my emergent consciousness though altered by a more persistent non-lucidity (though I was vaguely aware of this at one level while still in my dream). Of course, "coming from underground" represents unconscious threads linked with subliminal conscious attention, a sort of recursive effect unless lucidity is triggered. Zombies (though again, I would not classify these creatures as typical zombies) represent the very nature of the non-lucid dream self (similar to robots) yet also include coalescence associations (due to their supposed eating of living people). Skeletons are the subtle threads of potential (but incomplete) conscious self integration (as are ghosts). A tunnel is the conduit between waking and sleeping (analogous to being born into the real world).

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