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Lucid with mom and dad 'Telling me about after life ''

Lucid Intent

Technique: WILD
Sunday, May 1 2016 Views: 169

I am again up on a unfamiliar mountain.  Mom is there and dad sitting around the campfire. The familir camper is there , but this time its open .  

I was asking them about how it was like when they died .  

Dad was sipping from a silver container and mom and I had a stick with marshmellows over the fire. 

   He said ''There is a bright light and you do go through a tunnel. I met with my family members whom had passed on. The feelings were just of love and happiness. There is no reason to fear the unknown, when you pass on , We go back to 'familiar places.people..They show you some images of your lifes achievements. It is like watching a movie at the drive in, only its 'your life' and what you have learned or need to learn ..'returning to yourself  the spirit is what you encounter. no need to fear death. ''  I was listening with such fascination . [been attempting to become lucid and talk to them for a long time. I guess going through old albums is what triggered it . } 

  Mom wasn't too responsive , she was just mentioning that whatever you have wrong with you , works , and  she was able to 'walk' which I knew when in the wheelchair she was limited , ''I walked with your father , felt the same as him. No need to  fear death , The love and people from your past and also your pets come to greet you..returning to our CORE selfs is facing our unknown journey's . ''       I was taking all this in , and had so many other questions to ask, but sadly they had to close the camper up and go back down the hill . I was with them , actually desiring to join them . 


Additional Comments:

I was still feeling them after I woke up . Wrote things down that I remember. Am so elated that they finally came and showed up in my dreams. Was such a poignant moments .. I now can communicate with them ..

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