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Irish Heritage

Monday, June 6 2016 Views: 126

Somewhere, a guy is driving around in a truck with a rifle. He is shooting it and being chased by the cops. He drives fast.

I'm sitting on the edge of a mountain looking down. I get mail and a package that both shoot up from below. The package is a coldcut sandwich with some type of strange, exotic meat in it. It's very good. It comes with a letter from an Irish kid. He says he doesn't like that I'm Irish and not acting like I am. He thinks I'm deliberately exploiting my ethnicity without knowing my heritage. I go on an elevator tha leads to the bottom of the mountain to meet with him. I end up on the porch of the wyoma st. house. I'm sitting down near him and his friend. They're both about 2-3 years younger than me, have short hair, white shirts and a scally caps. I tell the kid that I'm guessing wrote the letter "Dude I'm sorry". And he looks confused by the word "dude," which I'm sure they say in Ireland. I thank him for the sandwich.

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I don't know much about Irish heritage, but I don't act like I know about it. I don't really care about learning heritage, either.


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