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Leonard’s Lemonade, Candles, and Dynamite

Lucid Intent

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Wednesday, June 29 2016 Views: 90

        Morning of June 29, 2016. Wednesday.

        My wife Zsuzsanna and family as we are now are seemingly living in a version of the King Street boarding house, though which is much bigger. During my dream's partial ending, there is a very uncommon sense of being both within my dream and waking reality at the same time, though that is only another skewed part of my dream. However, there is no lucidity as this is actually like some odd form of liminal space bilocation I do not think I have experienced in this exact same way and mood for many years.

        My pinhead friend, Leonard S, is apparently making dynamite, utilizing his pee in the process. I am not sure why he is doing this. There is a sense that there may be danger at one point though there is no direct threat.

        Oddly, he also has real lemonade drinks in addition to having identical but fake props that are designed as fast food drink containers but filled with his pee though these are also somehow relevant to the dynamite-making process, though by "lemonade", this seems relevant to what they call lemon-flavored soft drink in Australia, including from fast food restaurants (and everyone calling 7-Up, Sprite, and Mountain Dew "lemonade" rather threw me off when I first came to Australia, especially as some did not even utilize the commercial product name difference).

        I go into a smaller room with couch cushions on the floor (dream sign). I notice he is also apparently making candles, as one container (which almost looks like a petri dish) has an unusual candle-like structure (apparently also made of pee but like wax and almost egg-like and disk-like with a thinner transparent outer surface) which is not that high. It might take a long time to finish if his intent is to make a large candle.

        I drink some refreshing lemonade from the kitchen (in a fast food container and through a straw) with a vague sense of amusement but also feeling sorry for anyone who is fooled by the "dynamite stick" fast food drink container decoy with the straw (though I have no idea when what he is working on will be finished or utilized).

        Zsuzsanna seems concerned about the sticks of dynamite and there is the weird bilocation where we are eventually sitting in our bed in our present home and somehow at the fictional dream setting at the same time (though both locations are simultaneously only within my dream until I slowly wake).

        This may be some sort of warning against drinking too many soft drinks ("dynamite in disguise"), though the petri-dish-like feature may relate to cellular processes or something related to health. It may also simply be a waking cue to use the bathroom in reality.

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