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Recording the Dream World in a Dream

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Friday, December 12 2008 Views: 60

        Morning of December 12, 2008. Friday.

        I am fully lucid in this dream. However, unlike in many other more vivid lucid dreams, I am not as concerned with my level of breathing and mostly look about in the various environments. One area is a mountain ridge that I decide to climb. Looking down at an amazingly beautiful valley, I feel a strange "sweet icy pain" in my limbs, which is fairly common in both dreams and real life when in a high location over an expansive view. It is not like an actual physical pain and is very hard to describe. I am also able to create this feeling at will, but normally can only do it when focusing on or imagining being much higher up and more-so on my back. As I look, I notice that the valley is so deep in the central area, it could be many miles down from near where I am. This is when the feeling is so intense, I must move away. In other dreams, I might have deliberately jumped into the air and flown down into the valley. I go on to an area that opens out into another area over the valley. The vivid nature of the environment is incredible. There is a big lake that is supposedly within a cliff-section that is miles up from the valley. As I notice other people in vivid detail (near a building), there is also an idea that I am recording my dream on a certain type of device. I am not sure, but I may be using a wave file recorder on my computer - this becomes more "certain" prior to my dream's ending.

        The lake is extraordinarily beautiful and vivid. The sky is bright and clear. I am again wondering how it is possible for the mind to create such a "perfect" and more extensive "reality" in-dream. I move my hand through the water and watch the droplets stream off just as in the real world. I feel the coolness of the water in comparison to the air around me. I watch others splash in the water. Something is telling me that it is the purist water on Earth, yet I am also aware that it did not come from Earth, or was "added" (from Mars?), thus somehow explaining why it is up higher relative to the larger volume over the valley - as it would flood the world if lower. (Dream faux "logic"? - it would still be part of the water cycle). I am also aware that the water should not be consumed but is only for external use (even though it is so pure - perhaps it would create too many white blood cells). The patterns and reflections in the water are intricate and "perfectly" accurate. I could walk about in this environment for many days. An unknown foreign girl joins me. She has a skin condition similar to acne but far worse, and thus she is somewhat shy and uncommunicative. This is probably because of some recent thoughts of a seemingly new type of skin condition that I never saw when I was growing up, but have noticed in a large number of people lately. Later, some actors are around.

        At this point, I "record" more details directly from my dream (or rather, only believe I am). There is something like (a man who resembles Steve Buscemi) "Nick Fix, played by Ed Quick" (but my dream is becoming less lucid by this point - and I think Nick is written as Nic) - the rest escapes me, but there were many sentences I deliberately spoke to my "recording source". I am even reading a magazine article from my dream at one point into the "recorder", but it does not make much sense. There is a flight of stairs up a very narrow passage, but they are not actually steps. It is actually the construct of chairs from a movie theater stacked in a diagonal pattern to serve as steps. Then, farther up and into a theater, more chairs are arranged in an annoying manner to climb over, including up from the sides of them, just prior to the main seats where people are to finally sit. At this point, my dream begins to lose cohesion.

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