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Bathing and Skiing

Wednesday, July 13 2016 Views: 78

      I am taking a bath in a golden bath tub. As I sink in, the scent and the heat surround me along with the steam, and I let out a "Ah!" as I sink into the warm water. I stay there for a while and then try to stretch my hands in front of me, then realize I can't control them while in the dream, so I wake up (not sure if for real or not) and move them in front and go back to sleep, but my hands keep on going above me, forcing a "phantom" feel that my hand is somewhere else when I am in a dream.

       After that dream I dream that I am in a skiing race where I must ski to the top of a mountain as quickly as possible. I coldly look forward while efficiently changing directions, left to right, and win by a long distance, while the others are impressed and exhausted. They decide to go eat something and take a break, and I follow them.


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