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Monday, July 25 2016 Views: 85

        There is an area with a multitude of waterfalls and I am standing on top of the rocky surface (the mountain) which supports those waterfalls. A black-haired girl is in trouble and I must help her. Surprisingly enough, she is her own hero of the town, who defends against monsters that come from around the waterfalls. With clever tactics involving the geography of the area, the monsters are fended off. I go to the top of the waterfalls where I find a bag full of yellow coins, which I seem to remember somehow either from another dream or from real life. I attempt to throw them into my pocket and teleport them into real life, however, in a false awakening, I find that my yellow coins are gone in my right pocket. I remember that dream items cannot be transferred into reality and I sigh in admittance.


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