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Dinosaur Model Mountain

Tuesday, December 18 1979 Views: 56

        Morning of December 18, 1979. Tuesday.

        I somehow own my own mountain, possibly somewhere in Wisconsin, though I get a feeling of Florida (where I moved from in late June 1978). It is a hollow mountain for the most part, at least on the "second storey" where a life size version of at least one plastic model kit I had is seemingly "alive" somehow. It is the matte silver triceratops, I think (though I had both the styracosaurus and triceratops models - "Spike" and "Trike"). I have some concern about this creature escaping, though based on the implied design of the mountain, this would actually not be feasible. The triceratops "lives" in a large cave overlooking a cliff off the mountainside and thus it would be unlikely he could climb down. Even though he (I assume "he") is on the ground at one point and possibly problematic for residents of a nearby town, no stronger emotion or threat is directly perceived. At one point, the mountain seems miniature and about the same scale as the additional models that eventually appear, though it is still about as large as a house. I have some concern about the tyrannosaurus “model” (including possibly damaging the other “models”) but this is not clear. (There was possibly influence from the movie “The Beast of Hollow Mountain” from 1956.) At one point, it seems my bed and blankets (dream sign) are somehow integrated into the mountain.

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