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Dangerous Acid Trip

Lucid Intent
Saturday, April 2 2016 Views: 157

Acid Trip + Dreaming = Salvador Dali-esque Dream.

It started in what appears to be through the eyes of someone else. The entire place is very surrealistic and styled in 8-bit. It appears to be in a theater and the seats are occupied by people though I couldn't tell their details. On the stage is a man with a gloss black tophat that somehow obscure his eyes, a black suit with a red tie, black slacks, and black leather shoes. He showed to us a gigantic rotten had that had a galaxy-coloured skin and a hole in its palm that resembles a giant mutated ringworm.

The man, whom I called Mr. Ominous, announced that we must find a cure for his hand companion Kanker sores despite the fact that, Kanker sores occurs in the mouth unless it is actually a ringworm and these people have a different vocabulary or maybe it is a disease exclusive in Dream World or in a specific region in Dream World.

Then I saw a slideshow that showcase a pair of lips. They form a smile and the lips dissolved, revealing all thirty two teeth including the wisdom teeth. After a few seconds, each individual tooth dissolve into another pair of lips that later grew random faces of humans, all are adults. Mr. Ominous said that they must find a person with perfect teeth to cure the giant hand's hole. Uhh, what?

Then I am teleported to a plain room with a blue couch that had a bundled figure placed on the cushions. I saw a man in cobalt blue suit and slacks lying in the floor, face down. I check his facial cheeks (Honestly, I don't want to touch a corpse after the previous scene. Maybe later) and notice that there is a line of blood present from his lips. I could have guess that the folks must have discover that he has the "perfect teeth" and rips it off from his gingiva, in a painful way. Oddly, his lips are not withdrawn as teeth-less people will have their lips withdrawn (there are some exceptions) so he must have died from something else. I unraveled the covered figure to discover a body of a blonde woman with thick-framed glasses'. There is zero blood on her so she could have died from strangulation or any bloodless murder.

Then I am transported in a mountain with a dirt road in front of me. I follow to where it leads and found a stone hut in very fine quality. I enter the building and the living room has some fancy furniture. Then I heard one of my Junior High classmates when I was Grade 10 said that she didn't want to go back to her old home. it could be this house or somewhere else is up to our imagination.

THEN I am transported to a real gas staition named "Flying V". I saw Puppy, a black (ironically) dog from our neighbourhood. I named him "Puppy" because I keep calling him "Puppy" and it stuck on our heads now though it suits him well as he is as sweet as a puppy. he came to me with another dog, which has golden brown fur. I pet Puppy before he crosses the road, narrowly got hit by random vehicles in which I almost scream and/or cry. Then the other dog sniff at me before it pants and wags it's tail. I pet it and the dog went on its own way.

Then in 3rd POV, I saw a satellite made by NASA recieves some alien signals. The satellite recorded the decoded E.T. radio waves before sending it back to NASA Headquarters. Then I am in a spaceship (presumingly) made by NASA with five humans in silver blue outfits. The spaceship travels to the direction where the radio waves come from and I discovered that the source/s of everything (not really) came from five gas planets that formed a half-circle.

One of the human crewmembers used a powerful telescope to inspect the surface of these planets. He screams as others got confused of his sudden fright. Then my vision went into the telescope's view to see that the surface is boiling skin of some unknown being. I gross out and it serves as my initial expression. Each of these planets has some Eldritch properties in it and each person who look at it got frightened.

Then the fifth person look at the last planet and then sanity decided to have a break. The planet sprouted a deformed head that can only be achieved through the use of Photoshop. Then the rest of the planets sprouted dem ugly faces and heads. Even better (not really), some sprouted some limbs and... ahem... naughty bitties of boys *wink*. They all resembled deformed fetuses.

Then they started to make strange noises that sounded like laughing babies in meth and weed and then editted by Audicity. They also float around in semi-fast pace, something that Real-life planets do not do. Then the captain (I think) ordered that the spaceship should retreat back to Earth. The planets also started to follow us and the others just panic around. Me? I just stare at the planets the whole time.

The alien planet accelerated faster than the ship but also slowly became transparent. Also my surroundings slowly morph from the spaceship to a road with houses and nature on the side. The creepy ass planets are gone along with the astronauts and the area morph to the latter. I found myself standing pn the back of a pick-up truck and I jump off the vehicle before running straight to a house. Inside the house are some civilian and I pulled out a strange object from nowhere. It appears to be a flat metallic object shaped like a U with the edges sharp. Despite its looks, it is plastic. I also told the people that this can cut through skin and it will help us against the walkers. Speaking of which, where do these zombies come from?

After I check the other rooms, I heard the front door bust open and I turn around to see a fresh walker. The people only just look at it and I killed it with the strange weapon though it broke after that. The next 'walker' is one of my schoolmates in my Junior High and he somehow got infected. He saw me and wrestles me so that he could bite me. i used my fucked up weapon by shoving it on the side of his skull. It is now stuck there but it didn't stop him. We continues to wrestle me to bite me and I turned to the right and saw one of my many aunt. I shouted her to give me a knife and she threw a knife with the blade loss to me. I grab the knife and stab the 'walker' in the abdomen. The 'walker' expires after that and broke down to a sobbing heap because I was never used to kill someone realy close to me.

Then I woke up.

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