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The Dragon

Lucid Intent
Monday, August 15 2016 Views: 187

the dream started in a metropolitan area. Concrete, skyscrapers, cars, and thousands of people. The dream started like a scene out of a Godzilla movie. A giant reptile was terrorizing the city, destroying buildings, overturning cars and consuming as many people as it could find. But it wasn't like Godzilla  in many ways. It was agile, more like a t-rex, but taller, and with fully extending arms and long fingers with long claws. It's hunger was relentless.

The humans that hadn't yet perished in the city, including myself, had to hide constantly in order to survive. Everyone was dressed in whatever clothes they had on days ago, before this giant reptile started hunting us. People survived by dwelling only in the strongest structures available with the narrowest entrances possible, such as parking lot building stairways and  downtown building basements. Despite the inability to squeeze into these tiny spaces, the giant reptile would use its long claws to reach into buildings to try and fish out any person it could.

Just when everything seemed dire and lost, I was found by foreign group of unknown and unlikely heroes. It turned out that a special council of elders with endless resources had identified seven individuals scattered worldwide with unique and still undiscovered skills. I was the seventh of those individuals.

i was recruited by this group and taken to safety to a European mountain castle, far from the dangerous reptile. We were sent to this special location that was full of people. The location was full of elitists and inheritors of the world, and the seven outsiders (including me). We were to be studied, educated and trained to use our undiscovered skills to battle and defeat the reptile that was only growing in size and appetite. 

The elders had discovered modern-day mysticism, and concluded that our abilities would only be revealed through unconventional rituals. The main ritual was identified and put into action by the only one of the seven individuals to be the daughter of an elitist. She was also the only female of the group. The ritual was to have the one female of the seven individuals consummate the team. I was the last of the group to participate in the ritual. I was the last of the puzzle pieces that would complete the task necessary to save the world from this unstoppable monster.

The girl and I looked for a hidden place to complete the ritual privately. We looked in at least four places for privacy. Then, I woke up, without completing the ritual.



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