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Knott's Berry Farm and Six Flags

Wednesday, August 24 2016 Views: 57

Zack and I were at an amusement park that was a combination of Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm. We started at Riddler's Revenge. The layout was drastically different in the second half. It started like normal, though I think the oblique loop was removed and replaced with a straight section of track.

The drop out of the block brake was normal and gave some airtime, but after that it was different and disappointing. Instead of the first corkscrew, the track just went straight and banked to the left for a long time. The track also was I-beam. The circuit circled under the lift hill, dropped into the final corkscrew (which is my favorite part) and into a big sweeping turn to the brakes.

While we rode, I pointed out all the differences. When we went under the lift hill, I noticed the loop, two dive loops and oblique loop were under construction. I didn't remember going through the loop or dive loops earlier.

Then we went to Ghostrider. It had just been refurbished and moved to the other end of the park. Now it was in an area with lots of hills, and it took up a greater footprint. The track was steel, like it had gotten an RMC makeover. A lot of the ride was repetitive and even mirrored elements from either the run out or the return run. It basically featured a low, banked turn followed by an in-line twist. That combination happened at least four times.

While waiting in line (we were next to the station), our friend Daniel showed up. We talked and caught up with him. We asked where he'd been. Then I saw my friend Tom. He was standing in the corner with his back to us. I pushed his shoulder and said he couldn't hide.

Additional Comments:

Riddler's Revenge is at Six Flags. Ghostrider is at Knott's.

Daniel died in March.

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