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“Stolen” Friend on Walton’s Mountain

Saturday, September 10 2016 Views: 109

        Morning of September 10, 2016. Saturday.

        I am supposedly on Walton's Mountain, though it is mostly only a flat area higher up on a hill in most scenes.

        I had been friends with John Boy Walton for a short time. I had said how I would teach him music, specifically, how to play a flute, which I think he carries in a small burlap sack. He seems happy about this. Our friendship is very harmonious even though he seems very unworldly, but not problematically so. None of the other Waltons are present at any point.

        Over time, another male (unknown) arrives on the scene. Although I am seemingly about thirty years of age at the most, this other male is closer to forty. I get the impression that he may try to capitalize on John Boy's overly trusting and somewhat naïve nature.

        For a short time, it almost seems like a "Jack and the Beanstalk" scenario, where John Boy is given yellow beans to plant, but which do not grow at any point. This does not seem to bother him. (This part is somewhat precognitive as Zsuzsanna bought a packet of yellow beans to plant without any way of me knowing she would.)

        I am eventually involved in teaching John Boy how to hunt with a bow and arrow and so is the other male at one point. He has some very unusual arrowheads that open up at the front almost like a snake jaw but I am unsure of their feasibility. They remind me a little of the mechanism in plastic lollypop holders of different creature forms that we bought years ago, the Chupa Chups "lollipopups", I think. I am slightly puzzled by an arrowhead that would need to open like a jaw as it hit its target but I do not question anything.

        In the last scene, I am concerned that John Boy will mostly only have interest in the wrong things that the other male is telling him. This includes burying or “planting” various animal remains (and infertile seeds or parts of plants), as well as miscellaneous rubbish, in different parts of the hill, not that deep and in some areas near where John Boy seems to camp most of the time. I am annoyed as I seem to recall that I will be cleaning up the area to make it more livable and now this other male is going to be inconsiderate in the things he is teaching John Boy so that my job might never end should I decide to keep the area livable. I may eventually decide to give up and leave my friendship with John Boy.

        John Boy Walton has appeared in a number of my non-lucid dreams since the television series started (and more often than any other character of that series). The associations would be that he grew up in a rural area in a farm-like environment, and was also a dedicated journalist.

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