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Castle or Cave?

Thursday, December 7 1967 Views: 16

        Morning of December 7, 1967. Thursday.

        I am not directly involved with or within the features of my dream's environment at any point though still seem to be "invisibly" at the location. At first, the room seems like that of the inside of a large castle. I also mostly get the impression that I am in a castle. However, it also seems as if I am very high up on a mountain and that the doorway to the outside is actually only a cave entrance that goes out onto a cliff, possibly overlooking a wide deep valley. There are a few soldiers that are wearing red and yellow and reminiscent of the uniform of versions of "The Nutcracker" I have seen. At one point there seems to be the presence of a queen and a mostly plain throne along one featureless wall. None of the in-dream characters remind me of anyone I have ever known or seen in real life. There is not any major drama that I recall, though possibly a minor threat to the queen at one point but this is not all clear.


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