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Training for war; blasting Camelback

Friday, October 7 2016 Views: 91

I was in the Army training during World War II. We were doing "Band of Brothers" things such as preparing to drop out of planes. It was getting closer to us to ship out to Europe. I was getting excited and asked someone what the day was. He told me it was July 8.

I was disappointed because it was 1944 and I knew we'd missed D-Day. I asked again: "Are you sure? What is the date?" He said it was June 22, 1943. I was relieved because I knew D-Day was a year away.

I stood in our barracks talking. I heard some explosions. We talked about how if there's a bomb with your name on it, you won't know. But I thought I'd be safe. I went outside to check out the explosions. It was my front yard of my childhood house, but it was much bigger. In the background I saw Camelback Mountain.

I saw a lot of smoke coming up from the mountain. I realized they were blasting to put a home in. I thought that was obnoxious and should be against the law. Some big boulders and rocks landed in my yard. I was worried that houses would get hit and people would get hurt. I wondered how the rocks flew several miles.

I went back inside and grabbed my camera. I wanted to take a picture of the boulders and the little rocks in the same frame. I got really low and flipped out my screen to look in live view. Then some kind of purple dinosaur mascot ran out. He was mad about the explosions. I didn't want him in my picture, so I had to wait for him. But he wasn't moving.

We were wearing our Army uniforms. Someone ran out and grabbed the dinosaur. He said there was nothing he could do to stop the explosions and that if he stayed out there, he'd get hit by a rock.

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Somehow I knew it was strange knowing when D-Day was. I wondered if anyone would question me, but no one knew.

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