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Saturday, July 16 2016 Views: 116

2nd part of the July 16 Two-Dream Chronology. Also features a Legendary Pokémon Musketeer and my mom!

I am given a view of Paris in Warcraft III-style. Then I saw a map (in Warcraft term) that is consists of a barren wasteland, a mountainous area off the border on the Northeast of the map, and a castled town on the center. Surrounding the town with a huge distance from it are several units & Heroes from various race though some probably look like mods like a pack of crows with something red attached on their feet. They form to attack the town, which is infested with the Undead.

Then one of the Heroes decided to attack something off the map. When he did, the shady borders disappear to reveal more Creep units (with one got killed by said Hero) and more detailed view of the mountains.

Then the view slowly zoomed and it became like 3rd POV in HD. The sky is now visible with realistic clouds, the wasteland is more detailed and on the mountain tops* have very man-made like features with different types of short vegetation on it like bush*. Then a Terrakion came running in the wasteland towards the mountains. Unlike the Gen. 6 sprites made by Game Freak, the appearance that he (for obvious reasons) have bears the resemblance of Terrakion from the movie though he appears more realistic and lifelike as he is as tall as a bull.

The Terrakion saw a vertical opening in the rocky wall that could fit him and a gap that stretches a few feet from the opening. Seeing that he is charging and he can’t be stop, he decided to take a leap of faith** over the gap. As if he could have fall, he held on the ledge, successfully avoid getting killed from falling. Also the view sometimes focuses on the Pokémon’s face as I could see his grimacing face.

After he went back to his hooves, he went inside to discover an ancient ruined room. There is a huge hole in the East side of the ceiling, rubbles on the farthest part of the room (well, in Terrakion’s view), and an ancient structure on the center. It has four small plates on the side in colours yellow, blue, purple, and red respectively, and a plate on the top, which is jade surrounding a golden yellow center. Apparently, the plates appeared to be misplaced with one plate off the pedestal. After a few seconds of thinking, the Terrakion rearrange the plates by a specific order (red, yellow, blue and purple) and step back.

As in cue, light is beamed down on the center plate for a few seconds before it disappeared. Knowing that it is what he is looking for, he took all the plates without a second thought. Then the temple started to shake like those in Hollywood as some chunks of the ceiling fell. Even though Terrakion is a pure Pokémon that is Rock and Fighting, he can’t survive from being crushed by heavy materials so he took the plates with his mouth and ran to another vertical opening.

Outside is a beautiful park-like area with some futuristic designs on certain parts of the area as well as trees with the leaves shape like a sphere. The grass also has some resemblance to the ones in The Lorax though the ones that appeared here were real grass and not fake ones. Apparently, the earthquake has damaged some of the area with the ground crack up occasionally. The Terrakion sped through the park, dodging the boulders and fissures on the way. He also spotted a fawn limping to safety and nearly fell to its death. It saddens the Terrakion and I got a bit disturb because of it. Where is its mother?

As soon he reaches what appears to be one of the teleporters and the earthquake stop, I saw myself with my mom, looking frightened. Then as if I enter a body, my vision went back to my POV and I saw the same Terrakion running to me, with the plates clamped on his teeth. He drop the plates on my feet and I hug him in return (complete with a smile on his face). I took the plates to examine them. The small ones are the size of my fist and the main plate is about a half bigger than my fist. Each of them has a detailed drawing and pictograms engraved in it.

Then a minor earthquake has happened and I suddenly remembered that there was a school nearby. I told my mom and the Terrakion to evacuate and I went to a flight of stairs before everything became black. As soon as the darkness disappears, I am what appears to be a cave with some school buildings fit in the walls, complete with a hole on the top (for light purposes) and a mini garden. As soon I saw a gate with a road that is on another cave (which it leads to the outside world), the earthquake continues to shake Dream World.

Then the whole school panic and many students and staff members vacate the buildings. As I am about to open the gate, a nun told me not to do it as there is still class. As soon the earthquake stop, I convince her to let the gates open so that everyone can leave the place safely. Then I decided to investigate the school for anyone who got hurt or trapped in buildings. I saw many students vacate the place while those who have the heart to help others haul out the injured students out of the buildings.

I notice that many doors were closed and I turn the doorknob only for the door not to budge. Then I remember that the doors were more likely to have their foundations to collapse, rendering entering the area useless. I decided to look for a door that remains open the whole time. I manage to found one and enter the vacated classroom. Then I saw another opened door and I went through it. I found myself in a small school campus. In the right is a series of small school buildings with kids in school uniforms and parents. I told them to evacuate but then I realized that I am in a different area as they seem to get confused of what I have said.

Then I walk to my left and I end up in a small field with an amazingly detailed stage on the right and several buildings in the front. In the field area a couple of students, probably those of the younger years. In the student pack is one of my many cousins. Feeling excited, I run to her and called her name. I showed them the plates that the Terrakion gave to me and said ‘I got these from my dream!’ They became amazed and some look like as if they were jealous. Then I turn my back and walk down the field.

Then I woke up.

* - if you know what I mean.

** - Reference to Inception

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