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Did You Kick Some Cthulhu A$$?

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Friday, May 27 2016 Views: 114

Sometimes, very ‘normal’ characters will fight back even if you are a very powerful character.

I am in my house, watching some sort of a video/movie in a laptop with some of my younger cousins and my little brother. Then I decided to close it and ask them to go as I have to do something important.

Then I have a vision of a wilderness with a dirt road, long dry green savannah grass, a nearby picture-esque mountain, and some acacia trees scattered around. I heard Narrator mention of a child that caused a lot of destruction through the use of dark magic from a necklace that he wore always. It is so powerful that it caused the entire place to become unstable.

He was later captured and I saw a small herd of elephants (all as tall as a horse) carrying the child, who looks like he was drugged, drunk, or thinking something evil.

I am walking on the savannah grass with two golden yellow donkeys with charcoal black manes and tails. They saw the elephant parade and trot to them. One (which appears toe the Alpha) glares at the child and the child continues with his sinister gaze. I went closer to see that the donkey punch the necklace and it shatters to pieces. The child gave an “Oh Crap!” expression before being beaten to a bloody pulp by the Alpha Donkey.

Then I am transported to a slightly shiny place with a small cubic metallic kiosk. I also saw a guard that bears a resemblance to the ATC Black Ops Unit from F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin though the difference is that he appears to have some meat inside his body.

My killer instinct kicks in and I unleash a flying kick with Mercer prowess. The guard crashes to the ground as another guard appears. I dodge the bullets and he has an “Oh shits!” facial expression before I use flying kick on his lower face, literally shattering it as blood and guts spreads almost everywhere and the guard died from the impact.

I went around the kiosk and when I look at the front of the kiosk, I saw another live guard cradling his dead comrade as if he was mourning. The only response that I will give to him is just flying kick and he flew over from a glass barrier.

Then I saw over the glass barrier a shopping-like area filled with the Capitol civilians, which wore the usual outrageous outfits. I look around the top of this area and saw a shocked Capitol man, in which I give him a flying kick that sends him below to his death, starting a mass panic. I saw a bridge connecting from this area to a mall-like building. I grab a woman in a red stripperific swimsuit and threw her on a group of women that wore odd gowns, in which they were on a platform attached to the next building. Many were killed and the ones that survived panic and tries to find a way out to avoid falling to their deaths.

I walk through the bridge and saw many Capitol civilians panic, with many flees for their lives. I went to another bridge and saw a nearby flat with a lamppost. I was thinking of impaling some civilians there so I was about to grab them when I saw my mom talking to one of the Capitol women.

I was like “Oh crap!” and said “Hi, mom!” while displaying an innocent face so that she will not think that I am some sort of a terrorist. I went to the building and discover a dark aquamarine hallway with some icy blue lights and shiny walls, giving a feeling of being in an ice cave. There is no one around as the rest of the civilians have evacuated the area.

Then I woke up.

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