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Avalanche hits my truck

Saturday, November 5 2016 Views: 84

I was driving a box truck in someplace similar to Flagstaff. I had to deliver something to a newspaper. I was facing the peaks. I was going to drive under a railroad bridge.

I was talking to someone (a co-worker?) either on the phone or in the vehicle. I was just about underneath the bridge. The person was telling me something work related. I saw part of the mountain move. I said to look at that. A huge chunk of snow broke off and started falling down. Then a bigger piece to the left of that first chunk also broke off. The friction from the pieces falling and rubbing together created fires in the cracks. I said it was interesting that the snow as on fire.

The avalanche came through the streets. I wondered if I was safe. I thought I was far enough away, but the snow kept coming. It started hitting the cars in front of me. Somehow I was able to see behind me in the rear-view mirror. Behind me wasn't clear, but the car behind was reversing. I put the truck in reverse and backed up.

I thought I was in the clear, but the snow hit the truck. The snow filled the vehicle. I couldn't breathe. Somehow I got pushed outside the truck. I was really far away from the truck and disoriented. I thought this was how I was going to die. I started thinking of something strange like directions. Then I stopped thinking.

I heard my co-worker Aly talking. I thought, "My gosh, I'm alive." I crawled through the snow. I figured I could get out and still be alive.

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