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From “Mountaineer” to...

Lucid Intent
Thursday, December 15 2016 Views: 64

        Morning of December 15, 2016. Thursday.

        I am in an undefined space in semidarkness, though I become aware of a screen door (which may be implied to be the screen door to our present home). There is a memory (which curiously comes from another recent dream as a carryover) of a circular hole being in the screen door, which is nearly as big as a dinner plate. I am not focused on any sort of backstory. Instead, there is an unacknowledged shift where it now seems to be a glass pane rather than screen.

        Soon, it does not seem to be a glass pane but a sheet of ice. There are even small icicles hanging down from the top of the circular hole. I study it for a time and find it pleasant to look at. I look through the hole and see myself looking back from the other side (though my other self is looking at the pane of ice, not me), which does not seem that strange to me.

        I get the impression of some sort of sustained puzzle which has something to do with physics. There is a vague impression of the word mountaineer, but the word that actually seems present (and which is spoken by an unfamiliar female voice) is "Newtoneer" as a fictional word related to someone who studies physics.

        This is an unusual variation of the otherwise common threshold dream type, which typically features the preconscious element (not always human) in a doorway as the waking prompt. In this case my dream self is seeing my personified conscious self. I woke up feeling cheerful and relaxed. The liminal space factor seemed both relevant to our porch and the mostly undefined dark space. I have no idea where the word "Newtoneer" came from (and I am certain I had not heard it before), but dreams often invent new words which are typically gibberish. (There are a lot of matches on Google, but just about anything will show up on Google.)

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