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Finding a tow truck

Thursday, December 15 2016 Views: 65

I was driving Zack to find a tow truck in Tucson. We were either on Broadway or Speedway driving east. My car had a pickup camper in the back. I was having difficulty driving and braking.

I saw a tow-truck place ahead and pulled in. The parking lot was small and had tight quarters. The entrance was on a slight incline, then there was an immediate left. I parked straight ahead after turning.

Inside, we sat in chairs in the waiting area. Three people were at the counter. They asked if we needed help. Zack started telling a story about something unrelated. Then he saw the hours posted in the window and asked if that was Arizona time. I said of course it was. He said that once he was at an airport in New Mexico, and people kept asking if the time was Mountain time.

The employees told him to stop talking and tell them what he needed. Zack kept talking. The employees were rude and told him to shut up. I told Zack we should leave. But I also told him to maybe ask them for help instead of going off on tangents. We walked out.

I didn't recognize my car at first because of the camper. But the license plate was mine. We got in. I slowly backed out and backed into the road. I couldn't turn around in the parking lot because it was so tight. I drove along the road until it got to a dead end.

To the left was a Walgreens. Zack said we should go there. I drove until I found a driveway and turned there. The Walgreens was to the left. Ahead was a restaurant with a colorful and bright facade. Somehow I drove in through a back door. I was only inside the door and realized I shouldn't be in there, so I somehow turned around and drove out through another door. The door I entered was too narrow for a car. I wondered why my mirrors didn't fold back.

We were now walking in the parking lot toward the Walgreens. A group of familiar-looking people passed us. One of them said my name, but I ignored her because I wasn't sure who they were. Then I recognized Nick S., a former teacher of mine. We shook hands but didn't say anything. The group went in another store. I said we should get together sometime.

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