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Old Timer/Killer

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Friday, December 23 2016 Views: 389

One of the creepiest killers is those of very old age yet still physically strong.

The entire dream is in the style of Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green games though the sprites are very advanced like the detailed ones. I defeated a Gen V male psychic in a Pokémon battle. Follow up him began to panic and there are four limited actions though the ones that I can read are “Council” and “Talk”.

As if I am playing the game, I choose “Council” and the psychic said that the forest (in which this is where I had a battle against the psychic) is said to be the home of an old man who likes to kill young adults in disturbing ways like taking their guts out or shot them dead firing squad style. The psychic began to panic and said, “He comes” before he remain frozen in place.

As it can be seen in the screen, there is an old rundown house that is impossible to find in the actual game as the texture is different. I enter the house and it reveals to be abandoned but feels like there is another entity present. I quickly exit the house and saw a sprite of an old man moving real fast to me. I got caught but something saved me from getting killed as I am instantly wrapped to a town that is in the forest. It is in the style of those in the Wild Wild West despite that the buildings aren’t.

I decided to look for this town mayor as I am concerned of my own welfare due to that old man. I went on the road that reveals the mayor’s house to be separated by the forest. I saw it rest on the foot of a mountain and decided to talk to him. Like from before, the four options appeared and I use “Talk”.

I told to him the problem about the old man and he said that they are still finding ways on defeating the old man. I wanted to talk to him again, but the talk option is gone so I have no choice but to leave.

As I went out of the house, I am about halfway to the town when the old man appeared out of nowhere and started chasing me. I run straight into town and the old man started to bolt away to avoid the possible attention of the police. I use super speed and continue to run. In anger, I broke the 4th Wall by surround him with my three fingers and had my character beat the crap out of him.

Then I woke up.

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