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Crazy Disgusting Trippy Dream Induced By Medication!

Saturday, January 14 2017 Views: 104

I'm talking to a big worm that is in a wheel chair in a hospital room. It has big black eyes and a mouth and for some reason I think this worm is my late Grandad. It talks to me in a husky voice and cry's because it misses my late Nan. Some nurses then come in and I ask them a few questions like how dose he go to the toilet? They then say he only dose a wee once a year then one of them says it's time now actually. One of the nurses gets a small rubber ball and puts it were the nose should be and the urine is extracted through the face and into the small rubber ball. I then decide that I wont to talk to him about past lives and reincarnation because he is slowly dying and i don't wont him to be scared but then the nurse says it's time for bed. 

Now it gets weirder for some reason he then goes to sleep in a coffin with the lid on and i can see the lid of the coffin moving up and down when the worm breaths because he wants some air. Then even though I'm white and 19 years old I turn into a small black kid and lie down in the hospital bed. The worms family who are normal people then come in the room and they cry when they see the coffin and seeing them cry makes me cry. One of the women come over to me and say are you Alright little one I then say that the coffin lid is moving up and down because he needs air.

The scene changes and I am back to being myself now things get kind of messed up and much weirder. I am staying in a hotel room that has a white fire place and there is a coffin in the room and inside the coffin is a miniature disgusting mangled rotten body and for some reason I think this is my Nan who has been dead for 7 years. I suddenly know it needs to be cremated but I think it has been canceled so i take the body out of the coffin and put it in the fire place to cremate it on the fire. As the fire starts to burn the body the smell is terrible that i almost throw up. it turns into a ball of black sludge with white dots on top and it stays in the fire place causing a horrible smell.

The scene changes and I'm outside in a parking lot and I can see ambulances a grieving family and a coffin I then realize that in the coffin is a normal size copy of the body that I cremated in the fire place and that one is having a real cremation. I see a nurse with blond hair standing by a ambulance I go over to talk to her and for some reason I am really upset and sort of crying and it is hard for me to talk to her I say to her "Do you collect dead body remains from fireplaces" Because I have one in my hotel room?

She looks at me with a confused look on her face and thinks I am crazy. She then takes me in the back of the ambulance and drives me back to the hotel. The sirens are on and very loud. I suddenly get flashbacks of being on a rocky mountain top in the snow. It is very could and i am very sad and i just sit down on the could rocks. Now things get Inception style confusing. It is like i am now watching a movie scene it shows Jack Nicholson from the The Shining in the hotel room laughing and acting crazy. It then shows him doing the same things i was doing in that hotel room he gets that body out of the coffin and burns it on the fire place just like i did but this time he has a kid with him and says "We have to Burn It on the fire place my son because there is no over way to do the cremation" The kid then cry's and Jack Nicholson is laughing like crazy while the body burns on the fire. 

The scene changes and it shows the ambulance crew and paramedics running into the hotel room.  They go to the fire place but there are now body remains there. It never was there. There was never a body there in the first place it was just a big hallucination. It then shows a flashback of what really happened. It shows Jack Nicholson hallucinating in the hotel room and he thinks he is burning a body but there is actually nothing there. He then goes on top of that rocky mountain and goes even more crazy and collapses to the floor then later that day a old women finds him there and rescues him. 

It turns out that the scene when I was in the ambulance with the sirens on weren't sirens I was hearing it was acutely the rescue crane that people were using to him down from the mountain. It turns out that I was Jack Nicholson from the shining and i was just seeing things from his point of view as he was going crazy and hallucinating.

The scene changes and I am at some sort of party and I'm a little kid again but not a black kid this time but what I looked like when I was a kid. I'm in a party disco room and There is a big long blue slide so I climb up and go down the slide. There are lots of other kids at the bottom. I then go to the bar and try and sneak through into the kitchen to see what's there but the bar lady sees me and my mum then has a chat with her about something. 

The scene changes and I'm still a little kid. I am in a old looking street and there is a army jeep that my dad is driving i then overhear a conversation and a man says "But they think that missile shell in the back of that jeep is deactivated but its not so it should explode when they are driving" I get in the jeep with my dad and brother who is also a little kid again. We drive along the cost the jeep then hits a bump in the road and the missile shell falls out and lands in the sea and explodes. My dad then drives us to the end of a concrete pier but now it is a dead end. I can see the water in front of me i then get a overwhelming sense of deja vu i then realise that this is a long forgotten childhood memory and i have gone back in time to experience it again. 

The jeep then turns red for some reason and we jump out into the sea and have a swim.

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