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Stalked by man in 2 dreams

Sunday, January 29 2017 Views: 76

I was in a room with people, and this skinny balding Russian man in his 30s walked in and started shooting people angrily. I drifted into another dream.

I was on a family vacation in Japan with my mother and 2 older sisters, Laurie and Jay. After lunch, we decided to drive up the mountain to see some ruins/a historic site. Laurie decided she had work to do and went back to the hotel in her own car. My mom, Jay, and I drove up the winding mountain road. There were no guard rails, and the mountain was barren black rocks with no trees. It was breathtaking and steep. As we ascended, I looked over the mountain side and saw these strange rectangular boxed rock formations in the valley and all along the mountain side. They were the same black color as the rocks. They were ruins of many ancient civilizations. At the summit, we got out and couldn't believe the view. Those black rectangular ruins were everywhere and the cliffs were sheer drops looking down. We went into a little museum and chatted about how beautiful and ancient this place was. 

At some point, I realized I was in a room by myself. It was very peaceful, but that same man from the previous dream invaded my dream. His presence did not seem to come from my own subconscious. He had his gun and started shooting up the room again, but for some reason he didn't hit me. He was looking for me but couldn't really see me. I ducked under a bed and felt my stomach, arms, legs; I was unharmed. Then I heard people shouting and the man attempting to fight his way out. I decided to stay under the bed for a few minutes until I knew it was safe and he was apprehended.

Additional Comments:

Most of the time, I can relate characters of conflict in my dreams with my own suppressed emotions, guilt, fear, etc. for whatever is going on in my life. However, this man did not feel right in dreams. He was very out of place. I'm wondering if there is a male who is angry with me in real life, and if subconsciously he invaded my dream or if I picked up his emotions astrally while I was in a relaxed dream state. His presence seemed to come out of nowhere both times. My impression was that he is an asshole in real life. Maybe a little vengeful or jealous of me for something. Could be work related.


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