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Bad weather outside

Tuesday, January 31 2017 Views: 54

I was in Zack's old house (his first) in Kayenta. One of Zack's friends, possibly Dante, also was with us. We were sitting on a couch in the living room. Even though we were in that house, we were in Phoenix.

The news was showing rainy and windy weather making its way into Phoenix. Aerial shots showed high winds and lots of rain at the buttes at Papago Park. I said I'm glad we weren't there. I knew we had just been there and had left before the weather turned.

I opened the front door and looked outside. The location was somewhere in Phoenix that had a view of both the buttes and Camelback Mountain, but the neighborhood was our childhood neighborhood. The sky was mostly clear. There were some clouds, but they weren't storm clouds. I wondered where the bad weather was.

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