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Volcano Escape GO!

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Friday, August 12 2016 Views: 105

It doesn’t matter if the Pokémon is an AA or not, there is a random chance that it will talk.

I found myself in a green military jeep. The entire area is like a burned wasteland or forest. Behind me is a volcano in a view and I recognize it as Mt. Matutum. Then said mountain erupts violently and I rode on the vehicle and drives it via the use of telekinesis.

On the way, I found a Dragonite and it hoop into the jeep with me. Then I order it to drive the jeep and we reached to my neighborhood. However, everyone deserted the place and the clouds slowly gather to let ash particles fall. We got down the jeep and the Dragonite, who speaks to me in pure English, told me to hurry.

When I went to a shop, I saw two dachshunds lying on the floor. Well, only one. The one that didn’t lie down saw me and wag his tail. I notice they are the dachshunds that my nearby cousin owned. The one lying on the floor (Dachshund) looks sick and/or malnourished/dying as she has difficulty in breathing. My heart broke when she went limp but after I called her name (Dachshund), she stood up and went to me.

Then I woke up.

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