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Helicopter Ride into the Beautiful Mountains

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, February 8 2017 Views: 439

        Morning of February 8, 2017. Wednesday.

        I am at an unknown location in an unfamiliar business building. It may be in Montana when considering the overall landscape. There is work to be done; a new job for me. It is a company I am not familiar with but relates to digging for precious stones and certain valuable minerals. I am to be a part of a team of three (four counting the foreman) to do work in the mountains. I am not yet focused on the concept of how I will feel about being higher up.

        I go out to the parking lot with my two coworkers and the foreman, who is also the helicopter pilot. It seems to be late morning. We will be riding in the helicopter to our workplace. Curiously, even though the helicopter is under a large tree, where the branches extend over the rotor blades, there is no problem in taking off. The helicopter is of an unusual layout inside. Each of us sits at a corner of the large and spacious interior, including the pilot.

        I vividly feel the movement of the helicopter as it rises from the parking lot. We go very close to a building, close enough to touch it slightly, yet I sense no danger. I feel very cheerful and optimistic. (An aircraft “tapping” the side of a building at this stage and precise point in time in a dream has occurred before. Evidence shows it is a mechanism that increases conscious self awareness without activating a more dominant waking thread.)

        We fly up through a few different vertical tunnels, which are somewhat like volcano vents (though not implied to be). I notice men on ropes and with pickaxes digging at the sides. I watch one group of men atop a mountain. They are dragging a large jagged jewel-like stone. As I look around, I notice other scenes like this. There are beautiful colors and a positive sense of activity and progress. Still, I consider that this job may not be suitable for me due to being wary about being so high up and close to cliffs and ravines. The overall beauty of this part of my dream is utterly amazing (the second recent dream where the beauty was breathtaking, the other being the beach dream).

        Eventually, I am in a large room with a number of other (unknown) people. An unfamiliar young girl (though who may be a younger version of Zsuzsanna) has been working on carving a semitransparent statue from one of the gems that were found. It looks like a dolphin but seems to have human arms and legs. I find it curious that people are involved in this level of mining as well as making unique salable products in the mountaintop building.

        The helicopter pilot is very jovial. In a smaller room we go into, I see a small rectangular lamp on the wall. The lamp was somehow made from a precious stone. It has an engraved human face in profile (looking to the right) on it. Bright light is emitting from the top. There are a number of other items on picnic tables. There is a mystical beauty to most of the items.

        Even though this is a return flight scenario (over one in five dreams utilize this component and waking transition as a transmutation of the biological falling start), there is a sustained transition similar to my recent beautiful beach dream (though in that dream there was no return flight mechanism - the helicopter never arrived). The difference is that this dream ended on a very positive note and sustained focus on beauty and well-being. Even the personified preconscious did not act as a direct waking precursor (which is quite rare).

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